How to Choose the Optimum Backpacking Tent Weight

There are a LOT of tents available that will be inexpensive but the real cost is in the weight of the tent. When you are intending to travel miles over multiple days, weeks, or even months weight is a large factor you want to cut. How much should a backpacking tent weigh? For most backpackers … Read more

Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL 2 MTNGLO Tent Review

Sure, you could always camp with a heavy older style tent, but that’s not exactly the most efficient way to complete a thru-hike on a national scenic trail. A ultralight tent is the perfect blend of modern near weightless backpacking while roughing it. Ultralight tents are perfect for smaller, lighter, longer trail hiking trips such … Read more

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Review: 1P High Quality Design

When you are looking for an ultralight tent that will support one person and allow you to pack it in a super-small space for an ultralight weight there aren’t a lot of options available at this nice of a price point. The Lunar Solo is constructed with 100% Silicone coated Polyester material. The Canopy is … Read more