Choosing a Tent Color [ Why Different Colors Matter ]

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If you are planning to go camping, you should be buying the right tent for your adventure. No doubt tents have to be spacious and durable. But one thing many people don’t provide enough attention to is color. The color of a tent can affect your camping experience a lot. But, how, and more to the fact, what color tent should you get?

You should select a color for the tent depending on the temperature of the environment. You can choose a bright color to keep your tent cool while camping out when it’s warm. On the other hand, if you are camping in a cold climate, choosing a darker color would be wise.

Besides the temperature there are loads of other factors one should consider before choosing the color of their tend. All of which I will try to explain here. So, I advise you to keep on reading till the end for a proper idea on choosing the perfect color for your tent. 

Why Does Tent Color Matter?

The sunlight creates heat, and different colors absorb heat differently. Therefore, the color of your tent can be responsible for how cool or hot your tent can get. This is why you have to consider the temperature and environment of your camping site before selecting a color for your tent.

Not only temperature but there are also other reasons why the color of tents matters. You may want to find your tent easily when you are trying to find the camping site.

You may also want to stay out of the sight of animals. In these cases, the color of your tent heavily affects your camping experience.

All colors have their individual strengths and weaknesses. So, it is very important that you are aware of all the possible hazards in the area where you are camping and choose your tent color accordingly.

Bright Colors Vs. Dark Colors

Now, you may ask, “Should I get a bright-colored tent? Or should I get a dark-colored tent?” The answer depends on various factors.

Bright colored tents like white, blue, yellow, red, and light green reflect most of the wavelengths of light. And we all know, heat and light travels hand on hand. When the sunlight hits an object, it is absorbed and that is converted to heat.

As bright colors are more reflective, less energy is absorbed and more is reflected. As a result, the inside of bright colored tents remain comparatively cool.

However, bright colors can also attract insects and animals like bears, ants, and rats to the tent more than dark colors. Also, bright-colored tents are not recommended during the winter season as they do not keep the tent warm as well as dark colors and they are also harder to find in snow and mist.  

On the other hand, dark-colored tents such as black, green, purple, indigo, and deep blue do not reflect light as well. Moreover, they absorb a lot of heat and keeps the tent warm in winter, especially during the night.

It is also the reason why they are bad for warm climates.  Dark colors are also great for camouflaging so that animals cannot spot the tent easily.  

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Tent Color

As you can see both bright and dark colors have very unique advantages and disadvantages. So, you have to consider a few things before getting your next tent.

  • Temperature Of Camping Site

The temperature inside of the tent should be comfortable for you. The tent color can affect the temperature as we’ve discussed a bit earlier. So, before you go camping, try to learn about the temperature of the area you want to camp in. 

You should choose bright colors like blue or white only while camping on hot areas like the beach. Besides keeping you warm, bright colors also provide great protection from UV radiation.

On the contrary, If the weather is cool, select a darker color.  While camping on areas like a mountain site with snow, go for dark-colored tents like black or deep blue.

  • The Environment of The Site

The surrounding environment is another factor that you should keep in mind. You are spending time with nature. Hence, you can select a color that compliments the site. 

For example, deep green tents look nice for camping in forests. You can also pick an orange or bright red color. Brown tents are the best when you camp in deserts. However, you should remember that both the color and the fabric of the tent are significant for the best camping experience in deserts.   

  • Bugs, Bears and Other Pests

It is a scientific fact that bright colors can attract wild animals and insects. A bright-colored tent can get the attention of both people and animals. So, if you are in a forest with wild animals, try avoiding vivid colors.

Insects are attracted to bright colors, but mosquitoes are drawn to dark tones. Hence, it can be a problem to choose the right color. For that, you have to consider where you are camping and its local wildlife.      

  • Spotting Camping Site

You will not be staying inside the tent all the time. You may get out and explore the area of the camping site. Sometimes people get lost and face difficulty returning to the camping spot.

In this case, a bright-colored tent can help. People who are going camping in new places for the first time should choose bright-colored tents. For instance, yellow and orange color tents will be visible from a distance in forest areas. So, you can notice the color and go back to the campsite.  

Again, people can get into unexpected problems in such adventures and may not be able to communicate with others. Others may have to search for the lost person. It will be helpful for them to spot a bright color tent.

  • Tents For Hunting Seasons

Are you going hunting? Then, you have to be extra smart about choosing a tent color. The main point of camping for hunting is blending with nature so that animals and birds cannot notice you. 

As said before, animals and birds notice bright colors. Small animals like rabbits, deer, and birds will avoid the tent. So, it will become hard to hunt near the campsite.

To avoid this problem, select a color that blends with the area. Deep green, black, and brown are the best colors for camouflaging in forests and mountains. 

So, Which Color Is The Best for Tents?

There is no one best color for tents. As you’ve learned by now, different colors offer different advantages. So, you should consider where you are camping before making a decision on the tent color.

Most adventure-loving people choose different shades of gray, blue, green, and red colored tents for camping. It will be better if you have two tents for camping. One should be bright colored and the other should be darker colored. 

But, it is not always necessary to choose tents critically. Some people just cannot waste money to buy the right colored tent for every occasion. 

And to speak the truth many people don’t really have to consider the color of their tents. Unless you are a hardcore camper or hiker who loves spending time in the woods, I’d say picking the color that suits your personality is the best idea.

If you’re just looking to buy a tent for spending some time at a commercial campground or for picnics, the color should not be of concern to you.


Hopefully, this should put an end to your confusion on what color tent should you get. The color of the tent may seem to be a simple factor, but it can affect your overall camping experience if you are a hardcore adventurer.

The best advice I can give is to buy a dark and light one just in case.

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