What are Long Distance Backpackers and Hikers

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Many start into exploring the outdoors as day backpackers, heading out to get some time in the world outside of active civilization. Over time many will start to want to push out further, stay a day longer, and eventually become long distance travelers, so what is considered a long hike? For many in the hiking … Read more

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Hike to Build Complete Cardio Health [ Aerobic & Anaerobic ]

Young people hiking up a mountain with 30+ pound backpacks on.

Hiking through uneven terrains, over tree roots, around rocks, streams and fallen tree trunks result into a holistic workout session. Exercises such as hiking can help one achieve peak physical conditioning, so is hiking aerobic or anaerobic activity? Hiking is a blend of aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (muscle building) built into one single activity. It … Read more

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Coffee and Bears: Staying Safe Outside on the Trail

When you go out on the trail, a great many hikers love to have coffee either after a hard day or to start their new day. What this leads to though can be left over coffee grounds and what to do to store them and ensure they don’t attract bears to your location. Do coffee … Read more

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What is the Difference Between Hiking and Walking?

You could be walking on a hilly, but flat terrain and mistake it for a hike. Don’t worry, you are not the first to make the mistake of confusing a hike for a walk. Since both hiking and walking are on foot exercises, people often interchange the terms. But with hiking vs walking, what’s the difference? The … Read more