Why You Want to Manage Your Backpacking Base Weight

Your backpacking base weight is very important to your overall ease in long-distance hiking, while less important the shorter duration of your hikes. If you are planning something like a thru-hike then you will want to ensure you have a lower base weight then if you were to go on a day hike, so what … Read more

Best Way to Choose Your Puffer Jacket For Hiking

A puffer jacket is super important to investigate and purchase because it’s a critical article of clothing while ultralight backpacking. Your puffy jacket should not be made cheaply as you spend a lot of time wearing it. Over in this post, we cover the 10 best puffy jackets in this article due to user feedback … Read more

10 Most Forgotten Backpacking Items in 2021

Backpacking and everything that is required for backpacking can get expensive. Especially when you start adding all the little things that you end up needing that you didn’t think you needed. Today we present the 10 most forgotten backpacking items backpacking gear must-have items, they may be cheap but they are high-quality backpacking gear items … Read more

The Best Fabric for Hikers: Dyneema Composite Fabric

Dyneema Composite Fabric, or DCF, is a fabric that has been used by outdoor enthusiasts for years. It was originally designed to be waterproof and strong enough to hold up against the elements while still being lightweight. What many people don’t know is what makes it so effective as a hiking material: Dyneema fibers are … Read more