Ultimate Backpack Compendium

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While researching for my backpack I found there was a serious issue when really looking to compare backpacks to each other and to see at a glance what they offered and what they didn’t have.

I took it then as a sign from the hiker trash gods that I should take the time to consolidate as many options as I can find into a single reference for myself and others to be able to find the right match as a glance instead of pouring hours into a search.

If you find I am missing something please just contact me and let me know and I will work to add, if you have a link to the product it will help me make sure to grab all the best content from the vendor themselves!

If looking for additional gear we have a full list of our compendiums over here.

BrandName (Click for Price)Our ReviewLead TimePack WeightLiterLoad Range (lbs)ClosureFrame?FabricColorsSizing: SmallSizing: MediumSizing: TallWater Resistance RatingHydration SleeveSide PocketsHip BeltHip Belt PocketsBack PocketShoulder Strap WidthFit in Airplane Carry On
Outdoor VitalsShadowlight 45HereNone Listed45Up to 35lbs+Roll Top Zipper Front24" (vertical) Aluminum AlloySpectra / Robic ripstop fabricDark Blue ArcticUnder 18"18.0" - 21.0"22.0" +WP Rating 1500mm HHYes, Removable4 Side PocketsUnlisted1 Each Hipbelt2 Split Vertical StretchUnlisted
Outdoor VitalsShadowlight 60HereNone Listed60Up to 35lbs+Roll Top Zipper Front24" (vertical) Aluminum AlloySpectra / Robic ripstop fabricDark Blue ArcticUnder 18"18.0" - 21.0"22.0" +WP Rating 1500mm HHYes, Removable4 Side PocketsUnlisted1 Each Hipbelt2 Split Vertical StretchUnlisted
HMG2400 SOUTHWESTNone Currently40
HMG2400 WINDRIDERNone Currently40
HMG2400 JUNCTIONNone Currently40
HMG3400 SOUTHWESTNone Currently55
HMG3400 WINDRIDERNone Currently55
HMG3400 JUNCTIONNone Currently55
PBD UltralightTRAILPACK27None Currently27
PBD UltralightTRAILPACK40None Currently40
PBD UltralightTRAILPACK60None Currently60
PBD UltralightSOOLITE34None Currently34
SWDMovement PacksNone Currently
SWDLong Haul PacksNone Currently
SWDSuperior PacksNone Currently
Nashville PackTempo BackpackNone Currently
Nashville PackThe CutawayNone Currently
Atom PacksThe NanuNone Currently
Atom PacksThe AtomNone Currently
Atom PacksThe Atom+None Currently
Atom PacksThe MoNone Currently
Dandee PacksCustom MadeNone Currently
Yar.gear28L CadenceNone Currently28
Yar.gear28L Cadence DCFNone Currently28
Yar.gear38L Mountain DrifterNone Currently38
Yar.gear38L Mountain Drifter DCFNone Currently38
Yar.gear38L Mountain Drifter LiteskinNone Currently38
Yar.gear38L Mountain Drifter XPACNone Currently38
Waymark Gear CoMILENone Currently
Waymark Gear CoĒVLVNone Currently
Waymark Gear CoTHRUNone Currently
Waymark Gear CoLITENone Currently
ULA EquipmentCATALYSTNone Currently
ULA EquipmentCIRCUITNone Currently
ULA EquipmentKIDS SPARKNone Currently
ULA EquipmentOHM 2.0None Currently
ULA EquipmentCDTNone Currently
ULA EquipmentPHOTONNone Currently
ULA EquipmentCAMINO 2None Currently
ULA EquipmentEPICNone Currently
Minimul25LNone Currently
Minimul35LNone Currently
MLDCORE 25L | 1500 CINone Currently
MLDBURN 38L | 2300 CINone Currently
MLDPROPHET 48L | 2900 CINone Currently
MLDEXODUS 55L | 3500 CINone Currently
MLDBURN DCF 38L | 2300 CINone Currently
MLDPROPHET DCF 48L | 2900 CINone Currently
MLDHELL 27LNone Currently
Granite GearCrown2 60None Currently
Granite GearBlaze 60None Currently
Gossamer GearMariposa 60None Currently
Gossamer GearGorilla 50None Currently
Gossamer GearG4-20None Currently
Gossamer GearKumo 36None Currently
Gossamer GearMurmur 36None Currently
Gossamer GearMinimalist 24 DaypackNone Currently
Chicken TramperCTUG-15 Fast PackNone Currently
Chicken TramperCTUG-25 Day PackNone Currently
Chicken TramperCTUG-35 Liter Ultralight BackpackNone Currently
Chicken TramperCTUG-45 Liter Ultralight BackpackNone Currently
LiteAF30L CURVE – CUSTOMNone Currently
LiteAF35L CURVE – CUSTOMNone Currently
LiteAF40L CURVE – CUSTOMNone Currently
LiteAFCURVE X30LNone Currently
LiteAFCURVE X35LNone Currently
LiteAFCURVE X40LNone Currently
Pa'lanteultralightNone Currently
Pa'lantev2None Currently
Pa'lantedesert packNone Currently
Pa'lantejoeyNone Currently
Alum EquipmentBeta BagNone Currently
AllMansRightLiten Lite x CorduraNone Currently
AllMansRightEco Liten 35None Currently
SMDWy'east DaypackNone Currently
SMDFLIGHT 30None Currently
SMD2018 Flight 30 ULNone Currently
Northern UltralightSundownNone Currently
ZpacksArc Air 50L DCF BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksArc Air 50L ROBIC BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksArc Air 60L ROBIC BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksArc Air Zip 62L ROBIC BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksWomen's Arc Scout 50L BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksArc Blast 55L BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksArc Haul 62L BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksArc Zip 57L BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksArc Haul Zip 64L BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksSub-Nero 30L BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksSub-Nero 30L ROBIC BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksNero 38L BackpackNone Currently
ZpacksNero 38L ROBIC BackpackNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - MarksNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - LoweryNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - WallaceNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - AuxierNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - OranNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - McGlothinNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - IvensNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - FisherNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB1 - MahanNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - CameronNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - Cam DayPackNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - EagleNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - JacksonNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - SmeadNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - JohanssonNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - ErskineNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - CroftNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - McBrideNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - SternNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - GowlerNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - HallNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - ChunNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - WongNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltEugenius Pack - BrownNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - mandujanoNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - GibsonNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - HeinNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - HKN3None Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - McGlohonNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB1 - RudnickiNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB1 - Rudnicki 2None Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB1 - KinzelNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltHammock Pack - BowdineNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - DirkseNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltHalfDOme - MitolNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltEugenius - KekoaNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltHammock Pack - ViningNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB1 - HuffNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltHalfDome - CarmeanNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltHammock Pack - GusmusNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - GusmusNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - SchmidtNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - Schmidt IINone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB1 - AndrewsNone Currently
ZimmerbuiltZB2 - PaulsenNone Currently