How Heavy Is Too Heavy for a Backpacking Tent?

Plenty of people love to backpack for limitless fun and adventure, and backpacking certainly has its unique benefits. But, preparing for backpacking involves many aspects that are unique to the activity, many of which entail comfort and functionality while moving freely. So, how much should backpacking tents weigh? Backpacking tents exceeding 6lbs in weight may … Read more

When Hiking Who Has the Right of Way?

With hundreds of parks available, there are many opportunities to go out hiking. That being said, there are many rules – spoken and unspoken – that every hiker should abide by. One of those unspoken rules is right of way. When hiking who has the right of way? When going uphill, you’ll have the right … Read more

Is Hiking a Sport? How Competition is Invading the Hobby

Whether you’re flipping through a newspaper or an online magazine, you may notice that hiking is one of those activities that editors can’t seem to decide on. Though most people claim that sports are classified as simply “physical activity,” others disagree and are insistent on making the category a little stricter than that. Thus, these … Read more