Backpacking Quilts: Why They Are Becoming the Standard

Backpacking quilts are becoming increasingly popular. But, if you’ve never used one before, you might be wondering, how does a backpacking quilt work? Also, you might be curious whether backpacking quilts are actually helpful for you or if they are just a fad. Don’t worry. This article will help you get rid of all your … Read more

Managing Your Trash on the Go from Trail to Camp

Managing your trash is an essential part of camping. Improperly handled trash not only is unhygienic but also attracts unwanted attention of wildlife which can be dangerous. Bear attacks due to miss-managed garbage is not very uncommon. So, it is essential for every camper to know how to store trash while backpacking. For managing trash, … Read more

Making Your Hydration Bladder Plastic Taste Disappear

Hydration bladders are a camping essential. They are a great option to carry water while you are camping or hiking. But most times, water from hydration bladders don’t taste right. So, if you’re wondering, “How to get the plastic taste out of my water bladder?” you’ve come to the right place.  There are many easy … Read more

Managing Your Groups Overall Hiking Pace on the Trail

There is nothing like hiking with your friends and family. Hiking is an enjoyable hobby, especially if you are on vacation. But the problem with hiking is, it’s hard to keep all of the members of the group together. It’s important to know that in hiking what should be the group’s pacing.  There are a lot … Read more

Choosing a Vest or Jacket for Hiking: Which is Best?

For a hiker, selecting the right clothing will determine a huge part of how their outdoor adventure will go. It can make your whole trip worthwhile or downright miserable. For your hiking trip, a sleeveless vest may save you some weight whereas a jacket will keep you warm overall. Let’s find out vest vs jacket … Read more