What Materials Are Used For Puffer Jackets?

Puffer jackets are a staple in nearly every hiker’s closet, but what makes them so special? What materials are used to make these jackets? There is far more to these fabrics and fills than you may expect inside your super light puffy jacket. Typical puffy jackets will use down or a synthetic fill paired with … Read more

Choosing a Vest or Jacket for Hiking: Which is Best?

For a hiker, selecting the right clothing will determine a huge part of how their outdoor adventure will go. It can make your whole trip worthwhile or downright miserable. For your hiking trip, a sleeveless vest may save you some weight whereas a jacket will keep you warm overall. Let’s find out vest vs jacket … Read more

How Best to Store Your Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets aren’t like traditional winter wears. You can’t fold them as you like and shove them in the closet. Puffer jackets contain geese feathers in the puffy pockets that are accentuated and seen from the outside. Careless packing and handling might cause damage to those pockets. So, how do you pack a puffer jacket … Read more

Extending the Life of a Puffy: Patch it Up for Another Year

Puffy jackets are a key component of the wardrobes of both adults and kids who spend time outdoors. They have also become a key, popular fashion item. These fluffy, toasty jackets can be found relatively inexpensively, but higher-quality jackets cost a bit more and should be maintained. Puffy jackets can be made from synthetic materials … Read more

Arc’teryx Cerium SL Jacket Review: Ultralight on the Trail

One of the lightest weight down jackets available from Arc’teryx, the Arc’teryx Cerium SL Jacket is a sewn through down puffy jacket is built for use as a light mid-layer for cool, dry conditions. It also can perform as a minimalist standalone when moderate warmth is required on a thru-hike. The lightest weight down jacket … Read more

Stinky Puffy: How to Get Smells Out of a Your Jacket

Puffer jackets, also known as quilted jackets, have a signature puffed quilted design filled with what is known as “down” insulation. This down insulation, or synthetic fibers, provides a high level of warmth to the wearer depending on the quality of the synthetic fibers. These jackets are also much more lightweight than other jackets, compared … Read more

Puffy Deflated? How to Make a Puffer Jacket Puffy Again

Whether you’re taking your puffer jacket out of storage as the weather gets cold again, the key to keeping a puffer down jacket looking like new is the puffy appearance. This puffed appearance is achieved through filling the pockets in the jacket with goose feathers, also called loft or synthetic fibers depending on the brand. … Read more