Nevo Rhino Backpack Review: Lightweight Budget Perfect

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When I was looking to get back into backpacking and longer hiking I wanted to find a steal of a deal on a backpack. Since I have a family and purchasing a $300 backpack is a non-starter I went into super search mode on Amazon to see what was available and came across this Nevo Rhino 45l Backpack which appeared perfect!

Let me tell you I have loved this backpack and it is still living up to my uses and is now transitioning to my wife to use on our next long distance hike, the Lone Star Hiking Trail. This will be a nice trial run for her next 100 miles of use and see if it lives up to her needs as good as it has for mine.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this Nevo Rhino Backpack review:

  • First we’ll share the features and benefits that you’ll find useful
  • Next, we’ll take a look at the drawbacks you might need to know about
  • Then, we’ll tell you a bit about the Nevo company
  • And finally we’ll provide a sampling of actual customer and Independent reviews to give you better insight into the product.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

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Features and Benefits of the Nevo Rhino Backpack

  • Reasonable Support Distribution – Padded shoulder straps and belts provide good support, and the weight of the backpack is reasonably distributed, so that the waist is stressed and the shoulder pressure is reduced, making it easier for you to enjoy your journey
  • Rain Cover – The bottom opening is equipped with a durable rain cover for easy removal, which can protect the contents of the backpack keep drying out on rainy days
  • Whistle Buckle – The chest buckle uses a survival whistle, which can adjust the direction by itself to avoid blocking the whistle when it is snowing. It is simple and practical to ensure your safety every adventure
  • Water Bladder Viable – There is a special place for hanging water bags in the backpack. The water bag will not be folded inside, and there will be a hose outlet on the side that you can drink water without take it out
  • Durable Materials – The backpack is made of nylon fabric, carefully sewn and durable, making it the best choice for your trip
  • Nylon Elastic Rope Ties – The sides of the backpack are designed with elastic hanging buckles, and the rope trekking poles can be placed to make your trip orderly
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Special Features (Pros) of the Nevo Rhino Backpack

Very Lightweight For The Cost – Many backpacks which cost 5 or 6 times more than this will weigh more, this comes in under 2.5 pounds and feels like it is less when worn

Ventilation Minded Construction – The Nevo Rhino was built with an eye to ventilation in mind so that your body heat is spread out more on hot days.

Drawbacks (Cons) for the Nevo Rhino Backpack

Narrow Shoulder Straps – Many people report that the shoulder straps are more narrow then they prefer which means less weight distributed on your shoulders.

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About the Nevo Company

Established in 2003, Guangzhou Huazhongda Outdoor Bags Co., Ltd. specializes in producing outdoor backpacks, integrating the R&D, manufacture and sale of hiking & camping backpacks, day backpacks, laptop backpacks, waist bag and trolley products, etc.

Nevo Rhino Backpack Reviews

Looking at the features and benefits is great, but taking a look at what real-and-actual customers have to say about a product offers a deeper dive of insight. Here we’ve curated reviews that reflect the Nevo Rhino Backpack, providing feedback from product users and reviewers on independent review sites as well as on Amazon.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for the Nevo Rhino Backpack

If you’re looking for a high-performance backpack that appears as if it costs a lot more than it actually does, you might want to opt for the NEVO Rhino 45L/50L Internal Frame Backpack.

Not only is it durably constructed, but the unique design allows for ease when it comes to customizing the fit, which can also be used by kids. As lightweight as it is versatile, this innovative new backpack is the perfect choice , whether you’re going to be camping, hiking, or performing any number of other activities.

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What Amazon Customers Have to Say About the Nevo Rhino Backpack

Definitely the overwhelming feeling is that for the cost there is no more better a deal than this backpack. There are not many 45l packs which will be under this price with anywhere near the quality.

The weight is brought up as a super value for this size backpack giving you a chance to be under 2.5 pounds with the ability to hold s much gear as you may need for 3-7 days of rugged hiking.

Overall excitement on the backpack for a piece of gear of this quality at a third the cost of the bigger brand names that allowed for more gear purchases to enjoy hiking and backpacking more.

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Final Thoughts on My Nevo Rhino Backpack

I have really enjoyed the pack and it has held up to use well without issues and I only replaced it as I wanted a roll top backpack in its place, this has now migrated to my wife as it fits her perfectly so it will continue to be used for years to come!

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