Managing Your Groups Overall Hiking Pace on the Trail

There is nothing like hiking with your friends and family. Hiking is an enjoyable hobby, especially if you are on vacation. But the problem with hiking is, it’s hard to keep all of the members of the group together. It’s important to know that in hiking what should be the group’s pacing.  There are a lot … Read more

Choosing a Vest or Jacket for Hiking: Which is Best?

For a hiker, selecting the right clothing will determine a huge part of how their outdoor adventure will go. It can make your whole trip worthwhile or downright miserable. For your hiking trip, a sleeveless vest may save you some weight whereas a jacket will keep you warm overall. Let’s find out vest vs jacket … Read more

Why Jeans Are Not Viable Hiking Clothing

Almost everyone has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe. They are strong and durable and easy to find. If you’re thinking of hiking you might reach for your jeans thinking the strong material makes them perfect for a hike. They are sturdy and have very few chances of ripping apart. But should you hike in … Read more

Backpacking Cooking Gear: Titanium vs Aluminum in Hiking

Those who take short trips frequently need portable cookware to prepare their small meals while traveling. For this, the cooking gear they choose has to fit right in, based on their priorities when they are on the go. Hence, backpackers need to decide what kind of cooking gear to purchase that covers their basic food … Read more

How to Get Hiking Again After an ACL Injury

An ACL injury is quite common among hikers. While it’s not grievous, it can limit your ability to move for the rest of your life. Your day-to-day movement will not be hampered if properly treated regardless of the severity of the injury. But sports, hiking, or other activities that involve the knee joint can be … Read more

How Heavy Is Too Heavy for a Backpacking Tent?

Plenty of people love to backpack for limitless fun and adventure, and backpacking certainly has its unique benefits. But, preparing for backpacking involves many aspects that are unique to the activity, many of which entail comfort and functionality while moving freely. So, how much should backpacking tents weigh? Backpacking tents exceeding 6lbs in weight may … Read more

Why Car Camping Can Be a Useful Tool to Test Gear

When thinking about camping the things that first come to mind are campfires, marshmallows, and horror stories out in the woods. Those are some of the good sides of camping. However, there are some bad aspects of camping as well depending on how you decide to camp. The solution to this? Simple, it’s camping under … Read more

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Why Hikers Should Wear Sock Liners on the Trail

If you’re an outdoor person then you must try hiking. That is if you haven’t already. It certainly is one of the most exciting activities you can do with your mates. You might wonder how your feet bear such long-distance walks. Well, enter the world of sock liners. This article is going to be all … Read more