Discover What Size Bag You Need for Backpacking

When it comes to backpacking, selecting the right-sized bag is critical. Knowing your gear space requirements and considering your specific hiking goals are essential to finding the perfect bag. In this article, we will explore the importance of understanding your gear space needs and provide information on the backpack size recommendations for backpackers looking to … Read more

How to Relieve Sore Muscles After Hiking

Getting sore after a hike can be a painful experience, but there are ways to make it feel better. The first thing to do is drink plenty of water and ensure you drink enough water during your hike. You can also use various props to ensure you are staying as comfortable as possible. Another great … Read more

Does Bear Repellent Work?

There are several types of bear repellent. These include Capsaicin deterrents, Strobe lights, Noisemakers, and Bear spray, so does bear repellent work? All of them work in different ways to repel bears. However, these products may not be effective in every situation. Learn how to use each type of bear repellent to stay safe while … Read more

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How to Avoid Weight Gain After Hiking

If you’ve ever hiked and gained weight, you’re not alone. Many people have similar questions: Why do I gain weight after hiking? Why do I retain water? What can I do to avoid weight gain after hiking? How can I recover after a long hike without gaining too much? Here are some tips. Before you … Read more

How Long Do You Wait After the Rain to Go Hiking?

Many people wonder how long do you wait after the rain to hike. While you should never go hiking if it is raining heavily, you should still dress warmly and be prepared for a slippery surface. Forests in open areas are generally safe, but mountainous areas are more dangerous, so make sure to check with … Read more

Small Business Sales Week: Grab Those Gear Upgrades Today!

Garage Grown Gear is excited to announce Small Business Sales Week, running from May 17th to May 24th. This weeklong event will feature great deals from over 60 small outdoor brands, including names like Chicken Tramper, Enlightened Equipment, Hammock Gear, and so many more! This is a fantastic opportunity to support small businesses and get … Read more

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How to Reduce Sweating While Hiking

If you are wondering how to reduce sweating while hiking, you’re not alone. The same problem plagues most hikers. Luckily, there are some simple ways to reduce sweating while hiking. Read on to learn more about layering up, bamboo-based fabric, and Down-filled puffy jackets. These are all options that will keep you warm, dry, and … Read more