Why Frogg Toggs Are Perfect for A Beginner Adventurer

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If you are a new adventurer, you might be looking for cheap rain gears. Getting something affordable and comfortable for backpacking is not easy. After searching on this topic a bit, you will notice that some experienced adventurers suggest Frogg toggs for beginners. So this question might come to your mind, are Frogg Toggs good for backpacking?

Frogg Toggs can be a really good option for your rainy adventures. As these raincoats are cheap, you can take them if you are on a tight budget.

However, these are good but might not be the best choice for you, especially if you are not a beginner hiker or adventurer. In this article, I will talk about all the aspects you need to consider about Frogg Toggs and why you should not miss taking this rain wear on your next trip.

Keep reading the article for more information, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Why Should You Get a Frogg Togg?

There are a lot of reasons to get a Frogg togg. The price, being packable, easy to wear, etc. are the top reasons you should get a Frogg togg. 

Frogg toggs are worth your price, and if you are a beginner, you should definitely try a Frogg togg. In this section, I will talk about some key points that will remind you that Frogg toggs are the jackets you were looking for in your adventure.


The first and foremost reason to buy a Frogg togg is its price. Although the manufacturers have listed the Frogg toggs for $30, you can easily find them on Amazon for less than $20.

I don’t think you would expect such good rain gears at that price. Even if you need to replace them, it won’t be a headache.


While a lot of rain gears are hard to find, you can get a Frogg togg from almost anywhere. Sure, you can find them online but you will be surprised to know that they are also available in grocery stores.

Check your local grocery store, Walmart, and even hiker box to find a Frogg togg. Those are available everywhere.


Surprisingly, Frogg toggs weigh less than most other rain gears you can find on the market. The weight of the jacket with rain pants is 12.8 ounces, which should not be a burden of yours.

Full Rain and Snow Protection

If you love taking a hike in the rain or snow then I’m not sure if there is an even better option than the Frogg Toggs. These are 100% waterproof.

This means however wet or snowy your adventures might be, your trusty old Frogg Toggs will ensure you stay toasty and dry.

Are Frogg Toggs Really Waterproof?

Yes, Frogg toggs are really waterproof. Although they cost lower than other popular rain gears, they are made from waterproof materials, so they are waterproof.

The question most people ask about Frogg Toggs is this one. At a surprisingly low price tag, it is not a crime to ask about the real capability of this rain gear.

While buying rain gears, you must be looking for something that provides waterproofing. Cheap or not, you must not spend money on a crap item.

Frogg toggs do not leak unless you rip them off. They use the same waterproofing materials as other jackets in the market uses, so they are going to protect you from water. But if you tear it apart or do some damage to it, it might not provide the waterproofing you want.

Most people say that Frogg toggs does not have a durable water-repellent coating. Well, durable water repellent coating or DWR is not the only thing that protects a jacket from water. These jackets are made of WPB (Waterproof breathable) fabric that provides nice waterproofing. 

As these jackets are waterproof, I would suggest you hang your jacket in order to dry them up. They dry faster if you keep them spread out. It is a waterproof jacket, so do not dry clean this one. Store it on a hanger and leave it in a cool dry place nowhere near heat or flame.

Do Frog Toggs Keep You Warm? 

Yes, Frogg Toggs can keep you warm. Honestly, they can make you sweat a lot. That’s what makes it great for wearing in a cold environment.

Frogg toggs are known for their warmness. If you are walking on a regular rainy day, it will be very hot inside. The heat inside is enough for making you sweat. Unless it’s very cold, the jacket should be able to keep you warm. 

In case you want to travel to an area where cold is not a thing, this jacket will be something you cannot handle. If you wear these for a few hours, you will feel the heat inside your body.

It’s so warm that I think it would be a crime to recommend this jacket to people who want to hike in warm but rainy weather.

The fabric used to build this jacket does not allow heat to go out of your body. One thing Frogg Toggs does not have is a proper ventilation system.

Although this may seem like a downside, it can actually be a feature for people in colder areas. So if you want rain gear for adventuring in a cold environment, this is the choice for you.

Some Things To Consider Before Getting Frogg Toggs

Although Frogg Toggs are great for beginners, there is some stuff you need to consider before buying. These are not necessarily downsides, but it is my responsibility to let you know about these things.

First of all, these jackets do not look so cool. When they are providing such protection under $20, you cannot really expect it to look like an expensive one.

The jacket is cheap, and it looks cheap. As long as your target is protection at the least price, it should be OK. But if you are very aware of your fashion sense, you probably won’t find it appealing.

You won’t find a pocket or ventilation system in Frogg Toggs, ventilation is not mandatory if you are hiking in a cold environment, so it should not be a problem, but keep it in mind.

lso, you are supposed to carry a bag with you, so lack of pockets might not be a downside. Remember, the weight of this jacket is low, so you have to compromise some features.

Another thing you should consider is durability. To be honest, this jacket is not very durable. If you are expecting this one to handle all of the stresses, it is not for you.

Buy some duct tape if you are planning for a long trip with a Frogg Toggs as this rain gear is a delicate flower and you have to accept it.

Fortunately, this jacket is cheap, so even if you mess this up, you can always buy a new one. It won’t be a pressure on your bank balance and even after buying a bunch of these jackets, you will still have some bucks in your pocket.

It’s better than buying an expensive jacket that costs around $100.


I hope now you know whether or not are Frogg Toggs good for backpacking. Considering how compact, cheap and reliable they are during a downpour they are your perfect companion when hiking in the rain. And I do highly recommend them.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful hiking trip.

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