Why Car Camping Can Be a Useful Tool to Test Gear

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When thinking about camping the things that first come to mind are campfires, marshmallows, and horror stories out in the woods. Those are some of the good sides of camping.

However, there are some bad aspects of camping as well depending on how you decide to camp. The solution to this? Simple, it’s camping under the security and shelter of your very own vehicle.

Car camping has become quite prominent and is a legitimate way of enjoying the good old camping trips in a much more convenient style. The various camping gears you may have can still be utilized and experienced in ways never seen before while making camping feel real.

In this article, I’m going to teach you why car camping is a great way to start learning the basics of camping and how it can help you learn the basics. To stick around till the end. 

Why Choose Car Camping?

Let’s think of camping for a second, the good things to begin with. Scary Stories to tell in the dark near the campfire, sweet smell of roasted marshmallows, the joy of preparing your meal, etc. Sound good enough? Now, let’s shift focus to the not-so-great aspects of traditional camping.

Sleeping against the hard and cold conditions in your tent or sleeping bags while also being worried about vicious predators and crawlies showing up doesn’t sound so fun, eh?

Let’s not also forget about having to pack up all your gears and tools the very next day and cleaning up the mess you left behind on the campground.

Well, let’s not even talk about how sudden weather changes can be the most ultimate bummer to camping trips. Honestly, that’s the worst thing that can happen to a camping trip.

These are some of the things that will make you think twice about camping. However, car camping is a perfect blend of mixing the good old outdoor experiences along with the sense of safety and security when sleeping or requiring privacy. Any concern about your safety or inconvenience is simply solved by choosing to drive away. 

It’s also quite cheaper than buying RVs and also a lot more accessible as you won’t be prone to size restrictions, parking, navigating difficulty, or licensing. You can simply spend the night in your car, it’s that simple.

You won’t have to worry a second about losing your equipment or have them stolen as all of them will be accessible from your car.

On top, your options for camping are vaster than ever, as you will be able to camp almost everywhere your car is able to take you.

Just make sure that you have the proper permits to camp just in case. A little research on your end is a necessity when choosing the right spot.

How Car Camping Can Help You Learn More about Your Camping Gears 

If you’re a beginner and you have recently taken some interest in camping, then car camping is the most appropriate way for you to begin.

The possibilities are endless with the number of improvisations you’ll be able to make with your car and camping gear. When you go car camping, your biggest camping gear is your car itself.

Not only will your car provide you with a sense of security and shelter but that machine is also your storage, travel companion, and your lifesaver.

However, large-scale camping and professional camping will require you to resort and shift to the traditional hiking and campground establishing ways.

Many professional campers will not resort to cars and neither will you be able to participate with large groups when going car camping.

This misses out the actual thrill that camping had been based off on for generations. As daring as it may seem, the true experience is still out there left to be seen in the actual wilderness.

Your vehicle may at first act as your sanctuary in your early days at camping whether it be alone or with a few friends. However, the actual camping experience will require you to be familiarized with your camping gear.

Nevertheless, this is where car camping shines as well, with already a given safe space you will not have to worry much about predators, weather, or lengthy setups.

Your car will always be there for you to make the job easier, however, you can still be able to test the necessary gears and get used to the feeling of the basics of camping.

You can cook, shower, roast, and get the taste of all the good aspects of camping while staying within safety’s reach.

Once you have gotten a knack for how to operate various camping gear and doing all the required activities then you will feel more enthusiastic and willing to shift to the real deal.

Setting up tents, dealing with animals, and bending with the weather will not be as big of a worry once you are more familiar with the world of camping. Hence, car camping is just the start of the wide and vast underlying camping experience.

The Necessary Gear You Need to Bring Along for Successful Car Camping

When I said Car camping is easily accessible, I didn’t mean your car would have been the only thing that you would need to bring along.

Car camping will require you to bring just about the basic camping gear you would on a normal camping day. Hence, in this section, I’ll be listing down the gears necessary while car camping.

For Sleeping

Sleeping in your car can sound like a bummer given that not everyone finds doing it so the best remedy to seek comfort. However, let’s be clear about one thing. Not only is it way cheaper than an expensive tent but it will for sure protect you and give you peace of mind.

After all, when did we ever have to worry about animals or weather conditions affecting us while we’re inside our car eh? Contexts and conditions may vary towards this statement.

For sleeping, the necessary equipment you would need is quite basic, a pillow, sleeping bag, some blankets, or maybe even an air mattress. For some privacy, you can always put some portable curtains up on your car windows. To get some warmth, try getting yourself a USB blanket in case a cold night suddenly appears (!).

Cooking and food utensils 

What’s camping without food? Though we recommend you making barbecue and roasting marshmallows be done outside of your car and on your campground. You can still do a lot with your car to pack some essential gears while car camping.

Asides from bringing in propane tanks, iron pan, and canned food, the advantage of going car camping allows for a lot more options.

Such as bringing portable fridges to contain perishable items and packing some beer. You can bring with you a coffee maker as well.

As long as you’ve got enough to space in the back of your trunk, don’t go easy on food. Oh and large water jugs can be a good backup for drinking, cleaning and car cooling purposes.

Emergency tool kits and first aid

Anything can go wrong at any time whether it be a punctured tire, a cut, a sting or whatever dangers that lurk in nature.

The dangers of camping will always coexist alongside fun parts. Hence, it’s no shame to bring along basic tire repair kits, air compressors, and a spare tire.

In case your expedition does go wrong in some way as the outside world is full of jeepers, simply use your red and white first aid kit for refuge. Come to think of it, you should always keep a first aid kit in your car at all times just to be on the safe side.

Clothing, Hygiene, and Toiletries

When it comes to clothing, don’t pack your entire closet, rather bring clothes according to the location you’re visiting and also check the weather. Pack simple when it comes to clothes, only taking what you know you’ll require.

Pack according to your demands but don’t overdo clothes as your car just may not have enough space. Compromises will have to be made and it starts with clothes.

Hygiene is important, no denying that going camping for quite a long time will call for the need for a shower. However, if you’re planning on a small camping trip, you can set aside the need for installing portable shower equipment or other things like towels, soaps, etc.

You can resort to hygiene wipes, no-rinse shampoos, and hand sanitizers. If showering is necessary choose a campground with a built-in showering facility for you to camp at.

Oh, and about your dirty clothes? Just throw them at the dark corner of your vehicle trunk. Wait, don’t forget to bring a roll of toilet paper though.


That there is to is cover on why car camping can be a useful tool to test gear. As you can see, before heading out into the wild for serious camping with tents and makeshift leaf beds, car camping can be a safe way to get acquainted with using the different types of survival gears. 

I hope this article was able to educate you on the advantages of car camping, especially for beginners. Thanks for tuning in and best of luck to you. 

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