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The absolute best place to start learning how to hike, camp, and explore the natural world around you. Allowing you the chance for personal introspection and maybe a little of the tranquility society lacks.

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How I Afford To Hike


Building and Writing a Website on a Topic You Love

This is for the people who love to write and cover topics in detail with an aim to assist others in learning more about a hobby, skill, or profession. I would suggest highly joining a class like Project24 to gain those base skills to approach and grow a site over 2 years like I did!

*As an affiliate I do get a commission should you make a purchase


Vlog and Talk to Your Audience on a Topic You Love

For many vlogging on the trail may be second nature and allow them a way to enjoy their hiking hobby and make an income, though this isn’t necessary as you can actually build a successful YouTube channel in many different areas to support your hiking love.

*As an affiliate I do get a commission should you make a purchase

Campervan digital nomadism life wit...
Campervan digital nomadism life with Hilary Bird