What is a Pee Rag Used For in Hiking x
What is a Pee Rag Used For in Hiking

What R Value Sleeping Pad Do I Need for Thru Hiking?

When you start your search for a sleep system for your backpacking journey you will read about R-Value on many pads. The R-Value system can be used to help you determine the best choice for the cost in your backpacking purchases. Check out our best current value proposition for R-Value sleeping pad @ 15oz! What … Read more

Why and How to Cowboy Camp Under the Stars on the Trail

I love camping and enjoying the outdoors but hadn’t ever really considered cowboy camping as when we camped in Washington state we would frequently experience rain or drizzle in the night. This meant you never decided to camp without a cover to ensure you didn’t wake up soaked. What does cowboy camping mean in backpacking? … Read more