What is a Good Base Weight for Backpacking?

Choosing to start backpacking leads you to many more questions about preparing, the most frequent questions I had centered around understanding backpack base weight. This weight is at the center of most thru-hikers discussions and I thought I should dive in to better understand before buying a backpack to ensure it was the right size. … Read more

Why You Want to Manage Your Backpacking Base Weight

Your backpacking base weight is very important to your overall ease in long-distance hiking, while less important the shorter duration of your hikes. If you are planning something like a thru-hike then you will want to ensure you have a lower base weight then if you were to go on a day hike, so what … Read more

Why Hikers Prefer Dyneema Fabric For Their Ultralight Gear

One thing I found out fast when I started looking into ultralight packing was that it would more than likely center on getting gear made out of Dyneema and/or Cuben Fiber. I had never heard of this material before I started looking into hiking as light as possible, I even found out it is lighter … Read more

What is Cold Soaking and How Do You Do It?

Cold soaking, have you heard of it? Honestly prior to this last year I was unaware that there were options for uncooked foods other than snacks. This method of food preparation is where you soak them over time instead of cooking to get them prepared and ready to eat. This process is stove-less which means … Read more